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My Blog Roll has grown so much that I have decided to create a whole page dedicated to the lovely blogs I read. I do not get to each and every one of them every day, nor do I always comment but I do follow them. They are listed in alphabetical order and not all of the blogs are foodie blogs. If you follow the link to any of the blogs, please tell them how you found the blog. I do not update this page very often so if you know I am reading your blog, and you are not listed here please drop me a friendly email!

A Dash Of Domestic

A Foodie Lives Here

A Little Nosh

A Million Miles From Normal

A Taste of …

Agrigirl’s Blog

Angeliqueca Roux

Another Day In Paradise

Back Road Journal

Bam’s Kitchen

Barbara Bamber


Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things

Blue Jellybeans

Brooklyn Farm Girl


Cairns Manor

C’est La Vie

Chica Andaluza

Citadel Kalahari

City Hippy Farm Girl

Colonialist’s Blog

Color Your Recipes

Commander In Chic

Compulsive Foodie

Confessions Of A Hungry Woman

Cook Sister!

Crumbly Plum


Culinary Adventures Of Fork, Knife And Spoon

Cupcakes & Couscous

Curious Cuisiniere

Dartel Stappies

Dave Sinclair

Dentist Chef

Drizzle And Dip

Edible Substance

Elephant Eats

Fig Jam And Lime Cordial

Food and Family

Food, Photography & France

Flavours Of Africa

For The Love Of Cooking

Forgotten Beast

From The Bookshelf

Go Bake Yourself

Good Health Buzz

Gourmet Getaways

Gourmet Wog

Granny1947’s Blog

Gray Apron

Healthy Vegetarian Foods

Hello Healthy Eating

Homemade Heaven

Honey Kids

Hope* The Happy Hugger

I Write What I Like

Inspired By Local, Fresh, Home Grown Food

Janice Tripepi

JessKa’s Kitchen

Joanne Eats Well With Others

Karista’s Kitchen

Kate Shrewsday

Katya Kitchen

Kel Trustsnoone

Kiran Tarun


Kumar’s Kitchen

La Caffettiera Rosa

La Hacienda’s Weblog

Lamb’s Ear And Honey

Leaine’s Kitchen: Learning to Eat With Limitations

Life’s A Feast

Life In A Recipe

Life Is A Zoo Biscuit

Live 2 Eat Eat 2 Live Blog

Love – The Secret Ingredient

Mangetout And Other Stories

Meals On Speed

Meanderings Through My Cookbook

Melissa’s Cuisine

Mint And Rosemary

Misk Cooks

Mostly Dazed

Mr Bunny Chow

My Catholic Kitchen

My Custard Pie

My Kitchen Stories

My Savory Spoon

Not Quite Nigella

Notes From Rumbly Cottage


Olives And Artichokes

One Perfect Bite

Once Upon A Feast

Our Eating Habits

Passion Fruit Garden


Pick Fresh Foods

Pink Polka Dot Food

Pomegranate Days

Profiteroles And Ponytails

Promenade Plantings

Pure Complex

Rachel’s Kitchen NZ

Raise Your Garden

Rambling Tart

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Reflection’s From A Cloudy Mirror

Rita Cooks Italian

Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide


Runnin Srilankan

Ruth 2 Day

Saffron and Honey

Savoring Every Bite

Savory Moments

Scrambled Megs

Scrummy Lane

Searching For Spice


Simple Recipes

Simple Speedy Snacks

Slice Of My Lyfe

Sophies Foodie Files

Soul Kitchen Blog


Sous Chef

Spice And More

Still Waters Run Deep

Stumbling Along

Sustainable Cooking For One

Sweet Artichoke

Sweet Caroline’s Cooking

Sweet Samsations

Table Of Colors

Talin Orfali

Tea & Sympathy

The Big Fat Noodle

The Confused Graduate

The Complete Book

The Diva’s Dishes

The Food Crew Cape Town

The Freshman Cook

The Gorgeous Gourmet

The Intrepid Foodie

The Kitchens Garden

The Law Student’s Cookbook

The Little Loaf

The Only Cin

The Purple Calabash

The Rowdy Chowgirl

The Spamwise Chronicles

The Squashed Tomato

The Squishy Monster

Tiffin Bite Sized Food Adventures


Tinned Tomatoes


Under The Blue Gum Tree

Uni Homemaker

Unlimited Inspiration

View From The Side’s Blog

We Are Not Martha

What Jessica Baked Next

What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today?

What We Ate Today

Witch Twin

Yummy Chunklet

Yvette’s Twisted Vines

Zestybeandog’s Blog

Zoë se Ma se Koek

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