Carrot Cake Challenge Round Up

Cindy was given a bushel of carrots as a gift, and in support of Netherlands, she made a few carrot based dishes. This Carrot Cake Challenge helped her use up some of the gift, and the coconut frosting is a wonderful taste addition. Gaby has a lovely twist or two with the addition of pineapple to the mix, and lemon to the icing. Slices of Kiwi baked carrot muffins with a secret centre – make sure you follow the link to find out what it is. Her version has an added orange flavour.

Carrot Cake for the carrot cake challenge
Carrot Cake

Cindy has a late submission for the previous challenge – a fantastic potato salad!

Thank you again to all who participated, and don’t forget to see this week’s challenge.
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  1. Thanks Tandy, keep your inspirational challenges coming 🙂

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    1. thanks Cindy 🙂

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