Watercress is cultivated for its attractiveness as a garnish as well as the bite it gives to soups, pesto, trout, salads, sandwiches and vegetable juices. It is a semi-aquatic perennial herb found wild in streams passing through chalk soils. The … more ♥


There are 350 species of thyme with a wide variety of fragrances, flavours and uses. Most are sun loving, perennial woody subshrubs or creeping woody plants with a neat habit that are high in fragrant essential oils. Culinary varieties include: … more ♥


Tarragon’s unique, delicious and piquant flavour is indispensable to the classic cuisine of France. The French variety is a selected form of exceptional flavour. It rarely sets seed, especially in cool climates. although it may produce tiny, greenish, ball shaped inflorescences. … more ♥

Sweet Myrtle

Sweet myrtle is native to the south-eastern Mediterranean. The plant varies from a shrub to a small tree with oval, shiny, fragrant green leaves and small white flowers with a central ‘powder puff’ of stamens. Sweet myrtle requires sunshine and … more ♥

Sweet Cicely

Sweet cicely is one of the important ingredients in Chartreuse liqueur and is also included in the Scandinavian aquavit, which is used as a digestive and an aperitif. Native to moist, cool, mountainous areas of Europe, sweet cicely is a … more ♥


Sorrel is easily grown and its fresh lemony flavour is very versatile in dishes such as salads, soups and frittatas. Three species are commonly grown for culinary purposes. Broad leaf varieties are a perennial forming a basal rosette of leaves up … more ♥


There are more than 700 species of sage, many of them spectacular when in flower, and a number with leaves that are variously scented with pineapple, grapes, tangerine, grapefruit, anise, honey melon or fruit salad. The flowers attract butterflies and … more ♥


Few herbs are as universally grown and loved as much as rosemary. The refreshing resinous scent and flavour of its evergreen foliage is indispensable in cooking. Rosemary flowers cart form pale to rich blue, violet, mauve, pink or white. The form varies, … more ♥


Like a number of ‘weeds’ condemned in modern gardens, this succulent herb was once appreciated as a salad, pickle and sautéed vegetable. It is now coming back into culinary fashion. Purslane is an annual that grows to about 7cm high … more ♥


The opium poppy is a hardy annual that grows to about 1.2m with large, coarse, toothed, silvery green foliage and tall flowering stems bearing four-petalled flowers that may be white, pink, lavender or red, followed by a globose capsule with … more ♥


This herb is described as a popular, spicily aromatic culinary herb that is used fresh in salads and for pickling and flavouring in my The Complete Book of Herbs book. I have to admit to never having heard of the word perilla … more ♥


There are about 400 species of passionfruit. Many are ornamental, tendrilled climbers, some produce delicious fruit. Most require warm-temperate to tropical conditions. Deciduous in colder areas, it can survive occasional winter freezes. A common wild flower in the southern United … more ♥