Turmeric is a member of the ginger family and its rhizomes add a golden colour to curries. It is a herbaceous perennial native to tropical Southeast Asia. It forms a dense clump of aromatic foliage to about 1m, spreading rhizomes … more ♥


Galangal, not to be confused with ginger is also known as blue ginger, Siamese ginger and Thai ginger. Greater galangal is a rhizomatous perennial producing several 2m stalks with alternate sheathing leaves. The flowers are followed by red three-valved fruits. … more ♥


Chilli has been a part of the South American diet for 7000 years! Chilli varieties are the world’s most frequently used culinary spice and the heat is mostly concentrated in the seeds and the white pith. All chilli varieties require … more ♥


I use these seeds in my bread baking, and so I found this very interesting. Caraway is a popular Middle Eastern herb. Its seeds are used as an anise-scented spice in cooking. You might find this under the name of … more ♥

Star Anise

Star anise is the dried fruit of a Chinese evergreen tree. Propagation is done with semi-ripe cuttings and they will grow in well-drained but moist acidic soil, in light shade. Harvest the fruits just before ripening. This 8 pointed star … more ♥

Recipe For Ras El Hanout

I first came across the name of this spice blend in a quiz posted by PinkPolkaDot. As I like to make all my own spice blends I gave this a go. According to my cooking Moroccan each spice shop has … more ♥