Recipe For Figs With Camembert

I was not part of the #cheeseslut tweeting as at that stage, twitter was something I knew nothing about. However, I read about this on Marisa’s blog and so decided to make a few cheese based dishes. This dessert is easy to whip up – the hardest part is cutting the figs! I love the combination of Figs With Camembert. We grew up with a fig tree and I can clearly remember having to get to the figs quicker than the birds did. We would pluck the ripe fruit off the tree and eat as many as we could in an afternoon. I also grew up eating fancy cheese. Camembert is one of my favourites, only after brie. I love the silky soft texture of the Camembert and it is one of those cheese that melts well.

Figs With Camembert
Figs With Camembert
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Figs with Camembert


  • 1 fig per person
  • 1 generous slice of camembert per fig you can use any soft cheese
  • a drizzle of pomegranate concentrate per fig


  • slice the figs into quarters without cutting through the stalk
  • place the camembert into the fig
  • grill until the camembert starts to melt
  • drizzle with the pomegranate concentrate

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  1. YUMMY …. add a bottle of fab vino ……. jan reaches for ANOTHER tissue and blows for the terabillionth time ……….. my snot glands work well hey!!!!!!

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