Food Quiz Number 39 For A Friday

PinkPolkaDot has posted Friday’s Food Quiz Number 39 and here are my answers:

1. What is a cornichon?


2. Where did skordalia originate and what are the ingredients?

it originated in Greece and consists of garlic and base of either bread, nuts or potatoes

White Bean Skordalia In Answer To Friday’s Food Quiz Number 39
White Bean Skordalia

3. What is the minimum aging period for bourbon?

Bourbon is an American Whiskey named after Bourbon County in Kentucky. Bourbon is usually distilled from maize, malted rye and barley. It is aged for at least two years in charred wooden barrels. *

4. What is the difference between bread flour and cake flour?

Plain flour is used for general baking and contains 75% of the wheat grain. Bread flour contains 85% of the wheat grain.

5. What is Gado Gado?

A salad from Indonesia consisting of a mixture of raw vegetables garnished with sliced, hard boiled eggs and dressed with a thick, spicy peanut sauce **

6. If we talk about Chipotle, Annaheim or Bird’s eye, what are we referring to?



7. What is Linefish?

Fish that has been caught using a long line, with hooks

8. What is Zoni?

A Japanese soup

9. What is the “nog” in eggnog?

Rum or Brandy *

10. How are cranberries grown?

they are found in heaths and woodlands * I thought they were grown in water

*answers sourced from Larousse

** answers sourced from Recipe Encyclopedia

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