Friday’s Food Quiz Number 51

PinkPolkaDot has posted Friday’s Food Quiz Number 51 and you are more than welcome to pop over to her blog and give it a try! Here are my answers:

1. What type of meat is traditionally used in a Cacciatore stew?

Chicken or rabbit

Chicken And Corn Hunter Style in answer to Friday's Food Quiz Number 51
Chicken And Corn Hunter Style

2. What is a Muffaletta?

A bread from Sicily

3. What are Scotch eggs?

Eggs that are hard boiled, wrapped in sausage meat, covered in bread crumbs and then deep fried

4. Sweet peppers don’t produce the chemical responsible for the hot chilli burn. What is this chemical?


5. What is japonais?

A dish containing Chinese artichokes

6. What is the name of the traditional Greek anise-flavored aperitif?


7. What is Schiacciata?

An Italian bread

8. Are Brinjals fruit or vegetables?


9. Which natural edible product can never spoil?


10. Approximately how many liters of milk are required to make 500g butter?

I would have to have a complete guess here and say 2l of milk! I have only ever made butter from cream 🙂
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0 thoughts on “Friday’s Food Quiz Number 51

  1. You are amazing! I didn’t know half the answers (well, I knew those on Italian cooking… :P)

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    1. Thanks, I was way wrong on the amount of milk needed though 🙂

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  2. Very impressive! I wouldn’t have known the Italian breads, nor the ingredient which makes chillis burn… nor that aubergines were fruit. I also wouldn’t know what a Chinese artichoke looked like. Ahh! just googled them – I always wondered what those things (crosne) were in the shops! Now I know.Thank you!

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    1. My pleasure! I love these quizzes 🙂

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  3. I was just over at Colonialist’s blog and laughed so; his answer to japonais: “Japanese with a French accent”.
    (Are you packing???)

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    1. I love Col’s answer to that 🙂 Not even remotely thinking about packing yet! Tuesday afternoon will be the first time I look at the suitcase 🙂

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