Friday’s Food Quiz Number 57

My friend PinkPolkaDot has posted her Friday’s Food Quiz Number 57! Here are my answers:

1. What dish is known as Jewish penicillin?

Chicken soup

2. What spices are traditionally in Ras el Hanout and what does it mean?

I first came across this term on Pink’s blog! Ras el Hanout translates as ‘top of the shop’ and is a Moroccan spice blend consisting of the shopkeepers choice of spices. It may contain up 26 spices. Common to this spice blend is ground cloves, cayenne papper, ground allspice, ground cumin, ground ginger … click the link above to see the rest

Ras El Hanout Chicken In Answer To Friday's Food Quiz Number 57
Ras El Hanout Chicken

3. What is swede?

Rutabaga, a yellow fleshed turnip

4. From which country is “pho bo” and when is it served?

Pho is a term used for a Vietnamese dish but pho bo reminds me of Po’boy which is a sandwich made from a baguette common to the are of Louisiana in the USA. It originated in New Orleans and I suppose would be served at lunch time as a complete meal, much like our South African bunny chows.

5. Many in the food world believe the three great cuisines are which three?

French, Italian and British?

6. What is a spatchcock?

A flattened chicken

7. What is the difference between Vanilla essence and Vanilla extract?

vanilla essence is a commercially made product that resembles the smell of vanilla, its colour being derived from caramel. Vanilla extract is a product made using real vanilla pods to make a liquid form of vanilla.

8. What is traditionally used to thicken the sauce of Sauerbraten?

I wonder if this is regional? Flour would be the most obvious guess.

9. Where does Malva pudding get its name?

from the wine traditionally served with the pudding

10. What are Portobello mushrooms called in their juvenile state?

button mushrooms

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  1. Great answers Tandy!! I have posted my contribution to your savoury orange and honey challenge, but for got to let you know!

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    1. thank you for the contribution, you will be in this week’s round up 🙂

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  2. good quiz and i learn someknowledge from your article

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    1. my pleasure!

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