Friday’s Food Quiz Number 66

I was not on line from Friday lunch time until this morning, and nearly missed Pink’s Quiz! Here are my answers:

1. What is an Italian dumpling better known as?


"Spinach And Ricotta Gnocchi"
Spinach And Ricotta Gnocchi

2. What is “strata” in culinary terms?

a layered dish of bread and cheese, baked with an egg custard mixture, much like a quiche

3. What does “sous vide” means?

under vacuum

4. The “fifth taste” discovered by Japanese scientists, called “umami” describes what?


5. What are the main ingredients of “vichyssoise?

leeks, potatoes, cream and chicken stock

6. What is Mentsuyu?

a soy based condiment

7. The fruit of which African tree is used to make monkey bread?

the only thing I know is that it is similar to a cinnamon bun but have nuts

8. Why is fish traditionally served with lemon?

I have no idea! the acidity in the lemon must serve some purpose. 

9. What is tahini?

a sesame seed paste traditionally used for making hummus

10. What are the basic ingredients of Fregolata, a hard and crumby cake, which are eaten all over northern Italy at the end of a meal?

almonds, sugar, butter and lemon


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8 thoughts on “Friday’s Food Quiz Number 66

  1. *filled with envy* Hmmmph. Smarty-pants!
    *perks up* Hey, I sort-of got the monkey bread right and you didn’t!

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    1. I had never heard the term before! Off to see your answer 🙂

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  2. OK, show me up as a complete idiot 😉

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    1. yeah right! Your answers are always amazing 🙂

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  3. Ooh that wonderful fifth taste!

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    1. something I love 🙂

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      1. i think it’s the base for most addictions 😉

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