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Recipe For Granola Easy To Make At Home — 12 Comments

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  7. I am going to make this for Jess, she loves granola for breakfast.
    Have you tried taking a Chromium Supplement? It is great for balancing the glucose levels and recommended by our doctor for Jess. I have found a great one at Dischem, 1/3rd of the price of the first ones we got. It is the Dischem Gold Range and the doctor has approved it as being the genuine stuff.
    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes and the great read every day. xx hugs xx

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    • Hi Sharon, I take chromium every day in my multivit, as well as an additional supplement when I have sugar! Thanks for the advice. Hope you enjoy the granola xxx

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  10. Sounds yum, I count my lucky stars that I don’t have an intolerance to anything.

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    • lucky you! I am not allowed anything sweet for a week as my blood sugar levels are sky high!

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