Having A Conversation With Other Bloggers

This is my view on how bloggers’ comments mean we are having a conversation.

In September 2009 I wanted to write a review of a restaurant, and so I went onto a local food review site. The restaurant was not on their list of places I could review, and so I started a blog. I wrote the review and expected nothing more. The next morning there were a few comments, and so I went onto those blogs and left a comment for the person. I then started writing a daily blog and since then, I have come to a few conclusions about blogging which I would like to share with you here.

Writing a blog post is like having a conversation with yourself. Basically, your write something down in the hope that someone, somewhere will read it. But, if one thousand people read your words, and no one comments, you will not know that even a single person has read your blog post. When one person comments, they are entering into a dialogue with you. This is why I reply to each and every comment I get on my blog. But, this is not enough. In order to engage, I go and read the person’s blog, and leave a comment for them there. This was I am having a conversation with them.

Understanding this might help some people understand why they don’t get so many comments on their blogs. And it might help other people realize why some bloggers get hundreds of comments. I do not have a lot of time to read blogs and so I try and read those blogs where I can engage with people. I suppose if all I did was blog I could go and find another thousand blogs to read. But, my time is precious and therefore I chose to engage with people who engage with me.

I can remember the very first people to comment on my post, some of whom are now friends in real life, and others who are friends who live in my computer. I have met so many people by just having a conversation with them and my circle of virtual friends has grown immensely. Through a simple act of commenting and replying to comments, I have made the most amazing friends, each of whom has touched my life in some way.

Do you leave a comment on all the blog posts you read? And I want to say a special thank you to the people who left comments on my blog while we were in France with no internet. 

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30 thoughts on “Having A Conversation With Other Bloggers

  1. Hi Tandy, I read many blogs from around the world but must say that some don’t really engage my interest and so I don’t leave a comment… not all bloggers have the knack of drawing out comments from their readers.

  2. I can remember when you started blogging, I enjoyed what you’d set down and left a comment. I used to try to visit all the bloggers who left comments on my posts, but my life changed and I no longer had the energy or time I used to dedicate to blogging. I still look forward to your posts and I am grateful for our friendship.

  3. I comment on some and others not. Even blogs I enjoy I don’t always comment – something needs to “connect” with me in a particular post for me to join in the “conversation”!

  4. Hi Tandy,

    I do read your blog everyday, I really enjoy hearing from you and getting all your news and some recipes. I don’t reply to your blog as we communicate by e-mail regularly. You are a very dear friend, although because of the distance we dont meet very often. Lots of Love Gill xxx

  5. A very good post, Tandy. I think it’s so important to connect with the bloggers whose posts one reads. Blogging is definitely a two way thing, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to keep commenting on my blog if I didn’t reciprocate. 🙂

  6. Very true Tandy. I try to leave comments but if I have an issue with the captcha code I just give up and leave. I find that copying the text (so I can just “paste” if there’s a problem) before I hit enter helps to prevent frustration.

  7. I have your same attitude towards blogging. If you never reciprocate commenting and carry on the conversation, you shouldn’t wonder why no one is commenting on yours!

  8. Tandy – I truly enjoy reading your posts and agree – it is truly wonderful to engage in conversations with fellow bloggers – sometimes, a simple comment opens up our eyes and hearts to a new friendship!

  9. I remember my first few comments too. I think repaying visits to other bloggers is a great way to increase your readers.

  10. I must agree with you. For many years I was not interested in blogs, I did not get them, why would anyone read someone written by someone they never met? Why would I engage writing to someone I don’t know.?This has changed, and like you I came to know people with whom I share the same passion and that I value for what they write. Thanks for sharing. Such a deep comment mine, imagine how different it would have been 4 years ago if I had to leave one to comment your cabbage salad 😉

  11. Thanks for this Tandy – I know the one thing I am not that good at is encouraging my readers to comment – this post of yours is really timely as I have been thinking about this – thanks again.

  12. Great post love. 🙂

    Like Liz, I read lots of blogs and try and comment on most of them. I figure I am touched when someone takes the time to leave me a comment, and that most would also get a buzz knowing someone has read a post they had taken the time to write.

    I did fall behind with my commenting a few weeks back, I do wish there was a mass blast button you could send to let your faves know you hadnt forgotten about them. That happened for me when you were away, I was following your adventures on social media tho, I hoped you knew I cared. 🙂

    Anyways, have a great weekend.
    Cheers from Aus.

    1. Thanks for the comment Anna. I have a like button on my page, and some bloggers just click that, and I know they have visited. I am also very touched when someone takes time to leave a comment 🙂

  13. That’s a great way of putting it Tandy, like having a conversation. I love getting comments, love leaving comments on the blogs of people who have commented as you and just love our blogging community. I have met virtually some really genuine lovely like minded people who you just seem to connect with-hard not to when most of us love food!!! I find it’s like nurturing a new friendship, and you learn more and more about the people with every blog post. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and I know I don’t get to read or comment on every post you do but I sometimes run out of time 🙂
    Warm regards,
    Jan x

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