Herbal Rose And Rosehips

The edible petals of herbal roses make delicious conserves and are used in salads and desserts. Herbal roses prefer full sun and most of the herbal roses flower only once a year, but abundantly over a month.

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Old roses are very tough and need not be pruned. If you wish to prune them for shaping, do so immediately after flowering ceases as they flower on ripe wood. Harvest herbal roses when they have just opened, on sunny mornings as soon as the dew has dried. To dry, spread the flowers on flyscreen covered frames out of direct sunlight.

"Turkish Delight Jelly Hearts"

© Turkish Delight Jelly Hearts

The single-flowered varieties of Rugosa rose with their abundant, repeat flowering habit, and tolerance of cold and seaside locations, bear clusters of plum sized hips that are excellent for use in syrups and teas. Harvest the hips when fully coloured and dry in the same way as the flowers.

photograph sourced from Wikipedia

Crystallize rose petals for use in decorations. Ras el hanout and my own masala contain rose petals.

information sourced from The Complete Book of Herbs

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  1. What a lovely post, I cherish your posts on herbs especially as I love to grow them myself (like the tomatoes!). I bought two fragrant roses in early summer and hope they will survive the coming winter as I want to make more rose gelée (or jelly but I prefer gelée as it sounds so sophisticated).

    And I love Ras el Hanout, what a great idea to add rose petals to it. I have to try this out, thanks for sharing, Tandy!
    Barbara recently posted..Waste Not – Want NotMy Profile

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    • thank you Barbara :) I am really going to plant some rose bushes after posting this, as they are so easy to maintain!

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