Lavender And Lime

The reason behind the name for my blog is my recipe book. Lavender and Lime is the title of my first cook book, a collection of 80 recipes to inspire you! I started writing my recipes when two of my friends, and I decided we would do some at home catering. Our company Fromais Kitchen did not really take off as Cams went back to work full-time at the time we were ready to launch, and I moved to Gordons Bay. When I moved to Gordons Bay I realized that the family recipes in my head were not going to be made for every traditional family gathering. I knew that these had to be passed down somehow, and so I decided to get stuck in and create a real recipe book. And, each December I started editing – which resulted in more recipes being added. When I started my blog I felt inspired to do something more and finally the book has been printed.  It has been a huge learning curve and it has been made possible with input from many people. I will continue to print the books to order so if you would like one please send me an email. The recipe book costs R95 excluding postage and packaging of R25 (for up to 5 books, in South Africa).  The book has been printed in A5 format on 140gm gloss paper and the cover is glossy 300gm. There are color photographs spread out throughout the book.

"Lavender and Lime"

Lavender and Lime

Part of the proceeds from the sale of Lavender & Lime will go to charity.


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About Tandy

I am passionate about regional, sustainable and seasonal produce. I live in Gordons Bay in a cottage with my husband, our three dogs, a tortoise and a fish. We are busy building a house which is an adventure all in itself. Each year we visit a new place to experience the food of the area.


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  27. I have no hesitation in encouraging the purchase of this book. My copy is already well thumbed and the Lamb Curry page has a splodge on it that attests to the great recipe. It’s a no-nonsense book, with colourful pages and very useful cook’s notes. (I will never use store-bought mayonnaise again!)

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