As a blogger many opportunities come my way, and I am grateful to each and every one of them. I am happy to work with corporate sponsors, restaurants, tourism operators, PR firms and advertising agencies. I welcome the opportunity for paid advertising and other activities, including travel, reviews, competitions and giveaways.

I welcome invitations to attend events that centre around food, as well as lifestyle activities such as travel and hotels. A plus one invitation is appreciated for evening and weekend functions. I am available to work on a freelance basis for recipe writing, development and testing, writing of blog posts, proof reading and reviewing. If you are interested in partnering with me, or would like to advertise on Lavender and Lime please send me a proposal via email. My reply will include my rate card for your perusal.

Disclosure Policy

It is important to me that I write with honesty and integrity at all times. As such, all forms of sponsorship are disclosed. My reviews are honest and the opinions expressed are my own. Providing me with product, travel or a dining experience will not affect the outcome of any review. Sending me products to road test or inviting me to an event will not necessarily guarantee a published review. Please note that unless negotiated, all links on this site are ‘nofollow’ links.

Privacy Policy 

Please note that none of the information collected on this blog will be used for any purposes other than for my own use to know who is commenting. I will not sell any information or pass any information on to a third party.


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Work With Me / Policy — 6 Comments

  1. This is one of the reasons you remain one of my favourite bloggers. I have no issue with people getting paid for blogging but when each and every product is just great all the posts are advertising then I unfollow very quickly.

  2. HI Tandy,

    I am Joyce Norada, I just checked on your site I would like to ask if you are in need of a comment-er? thank you

  3. Why would you post something you are PAID to do without a disclosure? This sounds like there are some dishonest companies out there.

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