Ready Steady Cook!


Ready Steady Cook is the name of the challenge, and it has been put together  by Lady Raven over at Add to Taste. Rosemary from HomemadeHeaven was tasked with giving me my list of 7 ingredients – and when I first read it I thought, “wow” and “easy” but when I finally settled into making my 3 courses, I was challenged.

my list:


mascarpone cheese

cream (I always have long life cream in my fridge which turned out to be a good thing, as I still have not done my dessert and I bought all these ingredients last week Wednesday)

puff pastry (I only use the butter one from Woolworths as in my opinion it is the best)

strawberries – I went overboard and got the biggest punnet as Dave and I eat these with Angel’s Share, but alas we have not made full use of them

mushrooms – I chose portabellini mushrooms as they are meatier

arborio rice – as you can see, this is a pantry item in my house (everything is in these lock and go containers)

© ready steady cook  ingredients
© ready steady cook ingredients

Take a look here at my starter, my main course and dessert.


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8 thoughts on “Ready Steady Cook!

  1. Damn you got some nice ingredients|!!! Mmmm

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    1. thanks Nina, they are really great ingredients 🙂

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  2. I wonder what you’re going to do? Sure it will be a winner 🙂

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    1. thank you for your confidence in me!

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