Meatballs Wrapped In Cabbage Leaves | Traditional Frikkadels Recipe

There is a saying, the gift that keeps on giving, which reared its ugly head when I started working on this recipe. I say ugly head, as the gift was not something positive and each time it gives back it … Continue reading

Vegetarian Wellington Served With A Pineapple And Chilli Relish Recipe

Our first challenge for Freshly Blogged was to come up with a vegetarian dish using 2 packets (500g each) of Findus Wok Thai vegetables. The challenge was aptly named Frozen Assets and I can tell you that these Findus vegetables are indeed a frozen asset … Continue reading

Roasted Butternut With Spinach Pesto And Pumpkin Seeds Recipe – Reuben Riffel

The May issue of Women’s Health has a feature on butternut using recipes from South African celebrity chefs. The four chefs that contributed their recipes are Reuben Riffel, Pete Goff-Wood, Luke Dale-Roberts and Margot Janse. I was offered the opportunity to blog … Continue reading