There are more than 700 species of sage, many of them spectacular when in flower, and a number with leaves that are variously scented with pineapple, grapes, tangerine, grapefruit, anise, honey melon or fruit salad. The flowers attract butterflies and … more ♥


Few herbs are as universally grown and loved as much as rosemary. The refreshing resinous scent and flavour of its evergreen foliage is indispensable in cooking. Rosemary flowers cart form pale to rich blue, violet, mauve, pink or white. The form varies, … more ♥

Herbal Rose And Rosehips

The edible petals of herbal roses make delicious conserves and are used in salads and desserts. Herbal roses prefer full sun and most of the herbal roses flower only once a year, but abundantly over a month. photograph sourced from Wikipedia … more ♥

Rocket | Arugula

Native to the Mediterranean basin and eastward to Turkey and Jordan, rocket has been popular as a salad green since ancient Roman times for its peppery, smoky, meaty flavour. It is an annual plant resembling an open lettuce, with deeply pinnately lobed … more ♥


There are about 400 species of passionfruit. Many are ornamental, tendrilled climbers, some produce delicious fruit. Most require warm-temperate to tropical conditions. Deciduous in colder areas, it can survive occasional winter freezes.   A common wild flower in the southern … more ♥


The stinging nettle is a cold tolerant herbaceous perennial growing to 1.2m, with coarsely toothed, oval leaves armed with stinging hairs. Tiny green male and female flowers are borne on separate plants, the pendulous branched inflorescences emerging directly from the … more ♥


It has been over a month since I last posted about a herb. I am finally back on schedule and hope to stick to it! I however do not have my reader back and I am at my wits end … more ♥


Wasabi is native to Japan and is a semi aquatic perennial with long stemmed, heart shaped leaves. Its inflorescences of white cruciform leaves reach 40cm. There are a number of varieties, but all form thick, knobbly rhizomes. Grow wasabi in … more ♥