Book Review: Save Yourself, Kelly Braffet

Save Yourself opening line: Patrick worked the day shift at Zoney's GoMart one Wednesday a month: sealed into the vacuum-packed chill behind the convenience store's dirty plate-glass windows, watching cars zoom by on the highway while he stood still. Save Yourself When Patrick Cusimano's alcoholic father kills a child in a hit-and-run, Patrick is faced with … Continue reading Book Review: Save Yourself, Kelly Braffet


Watercress is cultivated for its attractiveness as a garnish as well as the bite it gives to soups, pesto, trout, salads, sandwiches and vegetable juices. It is a semi-aquatic perennial herb found wild in streams passing through chalk soils. The cultivated form, now usually grown hydroponically, is preferred, as wild varieties are often a refuge … Continue reading Watercress