Recipe For Pizza Dough

I am competing in the #MissionSamsung challenge where I get to use and review a Samsung Smart Oven for three weeks. The first challenge is Weekend Night Feasts and I had to prepare the ultimate gourmet pizza. When I took delivery of the Samsung … more ♥

Recipe For Pan Fried Chicken Livers

Is our ability to handle our finances indicative of how we conduct our lives? And can we be expected to handle our finances positively when so many countries are in debt or facing bankruptcy? The bottom line has to be spend what … more ♥

Recipe For Burger And Chips

I’m back again…. The other day Tandy dropped a VERY broad hint that I needed to cater for the Canadian GP and that, furthermore, Burgers and Chips would be the perfect meal. I mean… huh? How is Burger and chips … more ♥