Recipe For Cari Ga | Chicken Curry With Sweet Potatoes

When James was younger he showed very little interest in food, other than eating it. One holiday we encouraged the boys to choose a vegetable to eat with the meals I was preparing and the vote went to sweet potatoes. … more ♥

Recipe For Mussamam Curry Pork Chops

One of my favourite TV shows has to be Chopped. Here, contestants are given a mystery box of ingredients in 3 rounds and they have to come up with a starter, main course and dessert. Four contestants start the first … more ♥

Recipe For Chicken Pasta

I was invited to attend a function by Astral Foods at Jenny Morris’s The Cooks Playground. Astral Foods have under their umbrella Goldi Chicken, Festive, Early Bird Farm, County Fair as well as several other chicken, and chicken feed brands. The … more ♥

Recipe For Braised Oxtail With Peanut Sauce | Karé-Karé

The Eat For The Earth initiative from yuppiechef is being held for the second year running. I hosted a meal on World Environment Day and made a donation to Soil for Life. If you would like to make a donation of any amount … more ♥

Recipe For Crayfish Ravioli With A Bisque Sauce

Like most countries in the world where commercial fishing exists, the recreational fisherman is the one to suffer from a lack of fish close inshore and from the fact that the commercial fisherman get the majority of what is available … more ♥

Recipe For Mixed Mushroom Ragu

My mom’s friend has become my friend on facebook. It is quite a thing this social networking. I am slowly becoming better at it. However, I have hidden my facebook profile so that ex school ‘friends’ cannot find me. I … more ♥