Recipe For Barbecue Grilled Camembert

In the last of the cover recipes before I review Jackie Cameron’s Cook At Home I made the braai-grilled Camembert. The recipe for Oozing Camembert is actually the one that features on the cover, but I chose to make the other … Continue reading


As I am sucrose intolerant I have a lot of bottles of things in my fridge that I have made from scratch. You will find sweet chilli sauce in there among all the other bottles of lovely goodies, including harissa and pesto and tomato and chilli chutney. … Continue reading

Recipe For Braised Oxtail With Peanut Sauce | Karé-Karé

The Eat For The Earth initiative from yuppiechef is being held for the second year running. I hosted a meal on World Environment Day and made a donation to Soil for Life. If you would like to make a donation of any amount … Continue reading

Recipe For Green Curry Paste

If I could categorize my personality by using flavours, then I would be a citrus person. I love all things citrus, whether in fruit, scent or flavour. My favourite citrus is limes – to use with an ice cold margarita  or … Continue reading

Recipe For Cindy’s Crayfish Curry

I just love mystery ingredients! I think I would do well in a mystery box challenge (which gives me an idea…) but, back to the challenge Cindy gave me. She gifted me these three mystery ingredients: The kaffir lime leaves … Continue reading