10 Foodie Questions From Spotlighter

Spotlighter has posted the following quiz: 10 Foodie Questions – and we all know I cannot resist a good quiz!

  1. What is your favourite comfort food (the dish you turn to after a really bad day)?
    when I was living alone this would have been pancakes. Now, just the art of cooking lifts my mood.
  2. What would be the contents of your perfect picnic basket, and where would you have the picnic?
    the basket would contain cheese and biscuits, pates and good homemade bread as well as my new found adoration Adoro Mourvèdre
  3. Chicken Liver Pâté in answer to 10 Foodie Questions
    Chicken Liver Pâté
  4. What is your favourite summer fruit?
    where to start? cherries would be the top of the list, followed closely by mangoes
  5. What would be your ultimate foodie holiday destination?
    I love Italy, and have spent so much time shopping in the markets and cooking food there. The markets in France are also great. But, I am looking forward to eating at Le Manoir the next time we are in the UK
  6. What is your favourite restaurant?
    Locally it depends on my mood but my all time favourite will always be 96 Winery Road as we ate at Gatrilles from when we were very young. In the UK Fifteen is the top of the list, followed by The Apprentice. Both because they are involved in training chefs who need the ‘hand up’.
  7. Name your ultimate sunny day “super quaffer” wine or drink.
    Pink Bubbly tops the list – must be dry! Then Vodka and Pomegranate juice, or the good old favourite G&T
  8. What is your favourite cheese?
  9. Foie Gras – delicious delicacy or animal cruelty?
    I know my answer should be animal cruelty, but it isn’t 🙁
  10. Is risotto too much of a mission to make, or worth every minute spent stirring?
    worth every minute
  11. Who is your favourite celebrity chef?
    Gordon Ramsay – despite his foul language!

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