500 Green & Detox Juices, Carol Beckerman

I am waiting patiently for my scullery to be completed so that I can take my juicer from its storage place on top of the fridge and place it on the counter, close to my dish washer. I love the idea behind juicing and chose to review 500 Green & Detox Juices not because it’s the only compendium of detox juices I’ll ever need but because my standard mix of apples, beetroot, carrot and ginger can get boring after a while. Juicing is great for many reasons but as Carol points out, we should juice instead of snacking or as a way of having a meal on the go. In the introduction it is noted that calorie and fiber intake is very important when on a juice detox and that 5 to 7 days are the most one should follow this regime.

500 Green & Detox Juices
Chapters are divided into:
  • breakfast juices
  • fruit & vegetable mixes
  • kid friendly
  • all fruit
  • green detox juices
  • juice blends
  • red detox juices
  • exotic fruit juices
beetroot, apple & blueberry with chia seeds
Recipes that caught my eye:
  • mango & banana (p24)
  • apple & maple starter (p25)
  • breakfast berry blend with banana & vanilla (p38)
  • apple & maple starter with banana (p42)
  • blueberry & wheat germ shake (p49)
  • apple, pear, carrot & cucumber (p51)
  • apple, pear, blueberry & cucumber (p74)
  • peaches & cream (p104)
  • berry special (p121)
  • strawberry, grape & orange (p126)
  • calming goji berry and banana with lavender (p129)
  • strawberry, grape & lime with banana (p144)
  • calming goji berry & banana with lavender & coconut (p145)
  • strawberry & banana (p148)
  • fig & banana with almond milk & vanilla (p205)
  • beetroot, apple & blackberry macalucuma (p229)
  • beetroot, apple & blueberry with chia seeds (p245)
  • fig, guava, grape & blueberry (p262)
calming goji berry and banana with lavender
What I made:
  • strawberry, grape & orange
  • calming goji berry and banana with lavender
  • beetroot, apple & blueberry with chia seeds
What I liked about 500 Green & Detox Juices:

What I have loved most about this book is that I can choose the fruit or vegetable I want to use as my main ingredient or as a component and then look at the index for what takes my fancy. When choosing bananas I found 37 recipes that use this fruit. I’ve adapted the recipes with ease to suit my fridge, palate or what’s in season.


The process for using recipes can be a bit tedious as some recipes are variations on base recipes and the base recipes are not on the same page as the variations. This is going to be the most used recipe book in my kitchen very soon!

strawberry, grape & orange
Publishing information:

ISBN 9781432306281

Disclosure: I was sent the book to review by Penguin Books South Africa. I was not required to write a positive review. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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