A Trip Down Memory Lane

My friend Mandy who blogs as The Complete Cook Book has paid forward the “7 Links Challenge” by nominating me to take a trip down memory lane.  The purpose of the challenge is to select posts from 7 categories from your blog and invite other bloggers to do the same. Karen, from Back Road Journal has nominated me as well. I want to thank both of you for your kindness 🙂

The 7 categories are:

  1. Most Popular Post
  2. Most Controversial Post
  3. Most Helpful Post
  4. Most Beautiful Post
  5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post
  6. Most Underrated Post
  7. Most Proud of Post

This is a great way to unite bloggers from all over the globe and to re-introduce a few old and forgotten posts which may not have received any recognition from when we were still newbie bloggers.

My 7 are:

Most Popular Post taken by the number of views, this is my recipe for Lamb Shank Curry

Lamb Shank Curry for A Trip Down Memory Lane
Lamb Shank Curry

Most Controversial Post I don’t think I have posted anything yet that is controversial. Maybe I should? 

Most Helpful Post How to make Chinese Five Spice Powder

Chinese Five Spice Powder
Chinese Five Spice Powder

Most Beautiful Post For me this has to be the post about my recipe book. I wrote this recipe book so long ago, and I am so proud of where I am now.

Most Surprisingly Successful Post My post about my Masterclass with James Martin. This was the case in 2011 but has changed now that my blog has grown and expanded.

Most Underrated Post The post I did for Project Food Blog – Burmese Chicken Curry. This may not be the situation now, because there have been some underwhelming posts along the way, such is life!

Most Proud of Post my recipe for crème brûlée  as it has been randomly tested by other bloggers with great success.

I am paying this forward by asking the following bloggers to participate:

  1. Celia – Fig Jam and Lime Cordial
  2. CityHippyFarmGirl
  3. JamieAnne – A Dash of Domestic
  4. Linda – Fired Up Cooking SA
  5. Sawsan – Chef in Disguise
  6. Chica Andaluza
  7. Jacqeline – Tinned Tomatoes

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22 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. I enjoyed your response to the challenge. A nice way to look back at earlier posts that I had missed. Thank you for participating.

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