2014 | A Year In Review

I am never one to look back and wonder what could have been, or worry over what was. But I am the type of person to give gratitude. This post is a look at my blog – a year in review, for 2014. It is a way for me to remind myself which posts are most popular, and to thank the people who read and comment on this blog.


My busiest day of 2014 was January 9th and the most popular post that day was my Recipe For Sangria. Last year I decided not to post every day as I had done since 2009. This meant that in 2014 there were only 198 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 1,308 posts. I have tried to post on average 3 times per week, and this year it will be the same. You will find new recipes on a Monday and Thursday and a review or commentary style post every Wednesday. Sunday’s will be reserved for book reviews, and Fridays for my out and about posts.

Pap And Wors With A Tomato And Onion Relish

My top post remains the Recipe For Mielie Pap followed by my tip on How To Sterilize Glass Jars / Bottles. The other 2 popular recipes are for Pastry Cream and a Truffle And Mushroom Sauce. Visitors this past year came from 173 countries in total and the most comments I received last year was my post showcasing what was In My Kitchen in May

Cinnamon And Coffee Soufflé

A few special thank you’s go to Celia, Lorraine. Cheri, Uru, Rachel and Mandy. Take a look at their blogs if you have not already done so.

Beef Fillet With A Truffle And Mushroom Sauce

I would like to thank everyone who makes this blog possible, especially Dave who eats all the dishes you see here, and the ones you don’t.

What I blogged:

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