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Tandy’s first memories of food involve her paternal grandmother who always had enough food at her table to feed a small army. She can remember stepping into her grandmother’s pantry and eating pickled onions right out of the jar. The pantry also always had a container of crunchies and one bite of this treat transports her right back to that place. Coming from a Jewish family, high holy days meant cooking with all the aunts and it is her Aunty Tilly’s ice cream that was the inspiration behind her recipe book, Lavender & Lime. Tandy’s maternal grandfather was the first foodie she knew and he was a dab hand in the kitchen, making his own mayonnaise, marzipan and Steak Tartar among other meals. They shared a mutual passion for mustard and Tandy always has at least four jars in her fridge at any one time.

This blog was created in 2009 and Tandy has the following to say:

“Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me. I love to read about food, cook food, and of course eat food. I shop for fresh, local, seasonal, sustainable and where possible, organic ingredients. I am sucrose intolerant and all my recipes have been adapted to use fructose. I cook from the heart, to nourish the soul. My favourite saying is BE THE BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE.”

Tandy lives in Gordons Bay in a cottage with her husband and dogs. Tandy and Dave are busy building a house which is an adventure all in itself. She is really looking forward to having her bigger kitchen completed. Up until 2017, all the creations on this blog come out of a really small space. Tandy believes in spending money only once and so she saves up to get the kitchen tools she thinks are the best quality. Each year they visit a new place to experience the food of the area and you can follow along on their adventures.

Cottage Kitchen

When not in her kitchen Tandy is at work selling Natural and Organic products.

Tandy has a few quotes that she thinks are worth sharing:

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.

Hug a child today, and everyday – and let your pets know you love them.

Give back the blessings you have received. 

You can send Tandy an email: tandy(AT)tandysinclair(DOT)com – she would love to hear from you. Her postal address is PO Box 1745, Mountainside Gordons Bay 7151. Please read Tandy’s policy page if you would like to work with her.