Reviews and Interviews

In all the reviews I do, the opinions given are my own, and are completely honest. That should go without saying! I will not ‘hide’ something from my readers and so if I have been paid or received something free of charge, a disclosure will be added to the post.


We love eating out and all of the reviews you will find on my blog are based on our actual experience at the restaurant. I was paid for the reviews I did for the 2013 edition of Eat Out magazine, and some of the meals we have experienced have been free of charge.


All product reviews have been done at my own discretion and I only post reviews of product I believe are worthy of reviewing. Some of the products reviewed have been sent to me, and others I have purchased myself. All opinions are based on my actual use of the product.


I have been asked to review certain websites, and invited to review various restaurants and establishments. I am always open to these opportunities.


I have undertaken some food and wine tastings and posted them on my own initiative, and others after being invited to a tasting.


As a blogger I am very fortunate to attend a lot of events. If I feel that an event holds some interest for my readers I blog about the event. I will also blog about events I pay to attend, namely the Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba and the hands on workshops I do.


I spent 10 years editing Lavender and Lime which is a collection of home recipes and is available for purchase from me at R95 excluding P&P. I have also reviewed a wide variety of recipe books. Some of the books have been purchased by me, and others I have been sent to review.


I conduct a standard interview with various foodies and these are posted without editing (other than for spelling) on my blog.


Other than food, reading is one of my hobbies. I am an avid reader and I devour books! I can read a book a day if left to my own devices. I read both real paper novels, and electronic books. I collect some author’s works and those books will always be bought in paperback. Somehow, I seem to read quicker on my e-reader but nothing really replaces the feel of paper. Keep an eye out on a Sunday for my reviews.


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