An Evening With Rawlicious

An Evening With Rawlicious

Let me start by making myself very clear, and if you read my blog you will know this. I think bacon is a condiment, I believe everything in moderation is good for you, and I LOVE chocolate. But, I am sucrose intolerant, and this means sourcing sucrose free sweet things to indulge in. Peter from Rawlicious follows a completely raw diet, but enthused that it is not how much raw food we eat – it can be 5%, 55% or 95%, but that the aim is to eat well. Diet is not a word we should be using. This is my experience of An Evening With Rawlicious.


Beverley from Media Spot invited Dave and I to an evening with Rawlicious, at Art in the Forest. We were greeted with a frappuccino made with cashew nut butter, cacao, foti powder and honey – I should have stuck to one as suggested as the second one, right before we left, had me buzzing all night. Cacao really is a ‘buzz’ superfood. I think a glass of water would have served me better, but I could not resist a second glass.

tables of raw delights

The evening was all about raw chocolate – perfect for me! A sugar free indulgence that not only tastes good but that is healthy for you. Cacao, known as the food of the gods, when ground is better known as chocolate. And by chocolate, I do not mean the sickly sweet stuff you can buy in the shops. I am talking about chocolate as some of you may better know as the stuff made famous by Willie Harcourt-Cooze. This chocolate cannot be synthesized or recreated in a factory. This chocolate is a purple nut, full of antioxidants. And like the part of the body it resembles, it is a brain food.

a chocolate fountain!

This complex food is full of magnesium and iron. The phenethylamine, anandamide, tryptophan, theobromine and MAO inhibitors in it make it a natural antidepressant. Just eating 4 cacao nibs a day can lift you up! I had a few more than 4 to sample, along with a wide array of fresh fruit, melted chocolate and divine treats and my mood was elevated. I think the great colours helped too, along with the fresh vegetables and the wonderful atmosphere. This is all about treating your body and I cannot wait to experiment more with raw chocolate – the high energy body response is so worth it.

handmade chocolates with goji berries

ps for a raw food diet, the temperature food is exposed to should not be more than 47°C / 116°F

Disclosure: I was invited by Beverley from Media Spot to attend an evening with Rawlicious. I was not asked to blog about the evening. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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