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I have been experimenting using my bread maker to make jam – with some success. I had been given a selection of Apples by Sam and not wanting them to go to waste I decided to make apple jelly. I used 500g of apples and a few sprigs of rosemary (picked) to make the jam, with a combination of fructose, grape juice and citric acid. I have not got the balance quite right and the jam is still too sweet. It will make a lovely apple sauce to accompany our roasts though so it will at least not go to waste. When I saw this month’s 12 loaves challenge I decided to use the apple sauce I had made in my apple and almond bread. I have once again used the bread maker to do all the hard work as at this time of the year even though the weather is slightly better I am under a lot of time pressure. I know that as soon as our summer holidays start, I will have more time on my hands to do the hard work involved in making bread. This apple bread was really lovely. You got a hint of apples in the taste and it made a really good, tasty breakfast bread.

do you make your own jams?

Apple And Almond Bread

Apple And Almond Bread

Recipe Category: Bread
All Rights Reserved: Recipe adapted from Breville Ikon Recipe Book


  • 200 mls water
  • 30 mls oil
  • 7.5 mls fine salt
  • 40 mls fructose
  • 60 mls apple sauce
  • 450 g bread flour
  • 2.5 mls citric acid
  • 30 mls milk powder
  • 7.5 mls instant dried yeast
  • 60 mls almonds


  • Place the ingredients into your bread maker in the order listed above, from the water to the yeast
  • Add the almonds to the nut dispenser (or at the beeps if you don’t have a nut dispenser)
  • Select a 750g loaf and use the sweet setting

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