Appletini | Vodka And Chenin Blanc Version

I do not often post a recipe for an alcoholic drink, in fact, I think you might only find one other on my blog. But I have been inspired by Greg and Katherine over and Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide. They post the most amazing concoction of alcoholic cocktails, and they even use booze in their food. People after my own heart as I love to cook with wine! When we went to the opening of Liam Tomlin Food at Leopard’s Leap we were served Appletini’s using their Chenin Blanc. The following week, I was assigned apples from Woolworths for their blog, and so I decided I would share with those readers the appletini cocktail. This recipe was however not included in the Chopping Board Chit Chat, but I think it is shareworthy. Both versions are very refreshing and very deceptive. I stopped at one, but a jugful would make a great start to a summer’s evening of entertaining.

thank you to each and over one who read my blog while we were away and left comments! I have replied to them all, and managed to read a few posts while we were away. Hopefully by the end of the week, life will be back to normal – I am heading off to unpack now!


One would usually make this by mixing one tot of vodka with apple juice but an alternative is to take 100mls of white wine and top it with apple juice – salute!

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