Apricot And Cinnamon Jam | Christmas In A Jar

My friend Camilla described this apricot and cinnamon jam as Christmas in a jar. She is not far wrong as it evokes flavour memories of the festive season. It is an easy to make overnight jam.

Apricot And Cinnamon Jam
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I am so good at watching what I eat. This is habit from years of being sucrose intolerant. My body can digest sugar much better now than 20 years ago. But, I know it spikes my blood glucose level so I usually don’t indulge. And if I am going to eat something sweet, it has to be worth it. I also take chromium every day and incorporate cinnamon into my diet. Both are known to lower blood glucose levels and the chromium assists with my intolerance. The other day Dave and I went shopping. It was over lunch time and I was feeling quite hungry. The plan had been to eat something while we were out. But Dave changed his mind and so we bought food. We prepared lunch when we got back to work which meant we ate later than usual.

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I was still feeling peckish after our meal and so I ate two rusks. I had been given a box at the Safari launch and left it on my desk. The temptation was just too great. Twenty minutes later I was at my Doctor for my annual check up. She did a random blood glucose level and it was really high. I told her I had just had two rusks to eat. But she was concerned and sent me for a fasting blood glucose test. The next morning I was at the pathology lab bright and early. I had my blood drawn by an amazing phlebotomist. 24 hours later my Doctor called to let me know my blood glucose levels were within normal limits. Basically, eating those rusks cost me R500! But given the results I indulged in some of this apricot and cinnamon jam with scones.

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Apricot And Cinnamon Jam

This low sugar apricot and cinnamon jam is Christmas in a jar
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  • 200 g apricots weighed after pip removed, and quartered
  • 100 g fructose
  • 5 mls ground cinnamon
  • 5 g pectin


  • Place the apricots and fructose into a bowl and mix to combine
  • Cover and place in the fridge overnight
  • Put into a heavy bottomed saucepan with the cinnamon and pectin
  • Bring to a boil over a medium to high temperature stirring occasionally
  • Leave to heat to 102° Celsius before bottling into a sterilized glass jar
  • Refrigerate once cool
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime January 20:

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