August 2019 Showcasing In My Kitchen

August 2019 started with a bang. First we went away for motor racing to East London. The day after we got back my friend Kim arrived from Australia. We went away together, and the day after she left my parents arrived for a long weekend. I had the last of the celebrations for my 50th birthday and I can say I was truly spoilt.

August 2019 FOMO Box

This box arrived while Kim was staying with me, and I left it on the counter until we got back from Sandbaai. In it was a dhal curry mix that I gave to my parents. The Cape green salt is not as good as the tomato salt from the last box. I am using the olive oil and coconut oil blend and it is good to use, but I would not rush out to buy it. The knife has replaced the green one we got a few months back, and the green one has been added to the holiday bag.

August 2019 FOMO Box

Malted Milk Powder

I saw this malted milk powder on MKR and when Kim asked what I wanted from Australia, I asked her to get me this. It is sugar free and available from Coles. Kim and I used to go to The Doll’s House for milkshakes when we first got our drivers’ licenses, and I always ordered Horlicks flavoured ones. This has the same taste and makes for a great pre-bed drink.

Malted Milk Powder August 2019

Orange Canister

I needed one last canister to complete my collection. I have a black one for coffee as we drink our coffee black. A red one for rooibos as it translates to red bush. A turquoise one for Ceylon tea as my kitchen has turquoise towels. And now this orange one for the flavoured tea I like to drink. It was a gift from my friend Dorothy and at present contains vanilla tea from Mauritius.

Orange Canister


Kim brought three peelers for me from Australia. I love the one that cuts julienne slices and so far I have been using it for carrots. We eat a lot of salads in summer and I am sure it will get used every day. I tried the small one on Brussels sprouts but it was a little too fiddly!


Quiche Tin

My old quiche tin rusted. It was a cheap one that I got when we first moved to Gordons Bay and not worthy of the new kitchen. My friend Stella gifted me a new one and I used it to make a deep dish breakfast pizza. I am still perfecting the recipe which I hope to share with you soon.

Quiche Tin

This is my August 2019 submission to the #IMK series, hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens. Pop on over to her blog to take a peek.

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13 thoughts on “August 2019 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Oh yes Tandy, I have drunk many a Nestle Malted Milk, it used to be a favourite at the local old style Aussie cafe. A good reminder to buy another tin. You will get a lot of use out of those peelers in Summer. Thanks for sharing, Pauline

  2. Nice things in your kitchen! I think we had some kind of malted milk powder when I was a kid. Anyway something that you could add to milk but it was more fun to put the powder right on your tongue and let it dissolve.

    best…. mae at

  3. oh no coconut oil – i can’t stand it:) I love malted milk powder; reminds me of childhood – all those malted milkshakes we used to drink (before i found out i was lactose intolerant). My cousin gave me some coconut sugar, and i really liked it. just that bit different. love your red canister! thanks for joining in IMK this month. cheers sherry

  4. I never realized that malted milk powder was sugar free! We always have some in our pantry as it’s in a lot of my baking recipes. Those peelers look like they are much more convenient than hauling out the mandolin slicer every time you want julienne veggies. I must keep my eye out for one. =)

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