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BBQ pork ribs - Extracted from Low Carb is Lekker by Inè Reynierse (Struik Lifestyle)
BBQ pork ribs – Extracted from Low Carb is Lekker by Inè Reynierse (Struik Lifestyle)

What do you do when your words are stolen? A while back I emailed a recipe to someone and the next thing I knew it was published on their blog as original content. I have no proof the recipe is mine but it was not the first instance. The first instance I know of is a recipe from my recipe book being claimed as being original to not 1, but 2 other bloggers. I used to tweet what I was making with the hashtag #InMyKitchen but found that my original ideas were popping up on other blogs. Recipes I created in December are only appearing on my blog now so ‘borrowing’ my ideas is easy for people who don’t plan so far in advance. But, what upsets me more is when my words are taken and claimed as being someone’s own. I have a unique style of writing and I sent an email to someone a year ago and have just read my own words in a published format attributed to the person I sent them to. It’s upsetting that someone is being paid for content I have created. I always attribute my inspiration for recipes when I’ve been urged to make something. In this instance the recipe for BBQ pork ribs comes from Low Carb Is Lekker which I was sent to review. I hope anyone reading this pays mind to thanking others when the content they publish is not their own!

BBQ Pork Ribs
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BBQ Pork Ribs

This basting sauce will make the perfect addition to any meat that you want to put onto the BBQ
Recipe Category: Meat, Sauce
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Low Carb Is Lekker page 119 and 140


for the smoky BBQ basting sauce

  • 75 g coconut oil
  • 1 onion finely chopped
  • 10 mls minced garlic
  • 15 mls dried mixed herbs
  • 10 mls smoked salt
  • 30 mls ground coriander
  • 15 mls coriander seeds crushed
  • 5 mls ground cloves
  • 15 mls fine black pepper
  • 15 mls smoked paprika
  • 2.5 mls chilli flakes
  • 60 mls fructose
  • 60 mls apple cider vinegar
  • Squeeze of lemon juice
  • 410 g tin tomato purée
  • 15 mls Dijon mustard
  • 125 mls water

for the BBQ pork ribs

  • Water for boiling
  • Salt for the water
  • 500 g bone in pork spareribs per person - do not buy the smoked ones
  • 125 mls smoky basting sauce per portion of ribs


  • Place the coconut oil into a medium sized sauce pan
  • Melt over a medium temperature
  • Add the onions and cook until soft
  • Add the garlic, herbs and salt
  • Leave to cook until the garlic is soft
  • Add the spices and leave to cook until you can smell them
  • Add the balance of the ingredients and reduce the temperature
  • Once simmering, leave to cook for 5 minutes
  • Remove from the heat and pour into a jug
  • Purée using a stick blender
  • Allow to cool before using

for the BBQ pork ribs

  • Half fill a large pot with water
  • Once boiling, add a generous pinch of salt (as you would for pasta)
  • Parboil the ribs for about 15 minutes
  • place the ribs into a dish and cover both sides with the basting sauce
  • Cook onto the BBQ, basting as you turn


If you don't have ground cloves, place 10mls whole cloves into a spice grinder and you will get 5mls ground cloves.
If there is any left over, store in a sterilized glass bottle in the fridge for a week, or in the freezer. Defrost in the fridge. Remember to pour out what you need into a separate bowl to prevent cross contamination.

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Disclosure: I was sent the book to review by Penguin Random House South Africa and this recipe formed part of the review and is published with permission. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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