Best Local Food Blog – Eat In Awards

I have been nominated, together with 9 other amazing bloggers, for the Best Local Food Blog award and I would so appreciate your vote. If you would like to vote for me in this category for the 2012 Eat In Awards then please click on the photograph below.

Best Local Food Blog

No matter where I end up, to be counted as one of the top 10 is an honour. And the people who stand alongside me are all great bloggers (and great friends)!

With thanks and blog love for all your support!

edit: for those of you who want to know, I did not win. For those of you who voted, a very big THANK YOU! 

In 2012 this seemed like such a major achievement. However, given how biased a lot of these types of competitions are, I no longer take part. Many times. bloggers have to put their blogs forwards for awards. Sometimes there is even a cost involved. It seems like bloggers who have the financial means can enter as many such styled competitions as they like. And then there is the voting system. This is easy to rig and skews results in my opinion. Also, I did not like having to beg for votes!

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