Entering Competitions: Blogging With Integrity

Blogging With Integrity: Entering Competitions

Please note, these are my opinions about Entering Competitions!

The integrity of entering a competition should start with the organizers and end with your fellow bloggers but do not expect this to be the reality. In reality, the only person who can guarantee the integrity involved with your entry, is you. It is up to you to maintain your ethics when you enter a competition.

Any of the following can happen when you enter a competition:

  • your recipe can be copied
  • deadlines can be broken
  • organizer’s might not adhere to their own terms and conditions
  • competitors might not be disqualified even if they break the rules
  • rules might be changed during the duration of the competition
  • competitors might use provided content in their entries
  • the organizers might fail to meet their end of the deal
  • prizes can be changed midway through the competition

I have not been ‘turned off’ entering competitions but it dismays me when the goal posts are shifted. Competitions take a lot of hard work in my opinion. To that end, keep in mind the following when you enter a competition:

  • you are developing recipes for the competition
  • the sponsor is getting free ‘airtime’ on your blog
  • for most competitions there is no compensation for the blogger
  • your entry will cost you both the ingredients and the time it takes to develop the recipe and write the blog post

There is a lot to think about when entering a competition but for me I know it is all about maintaining my integrity. I would rather lose with my head held high, than win!

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