Body And Mind Synergy | Review Removed

I was invited by Antony Roget, a certified personal trainer, mentor, and
the creator of Body And Mind Synergy to review the site. I was meant to be compensated for my review of Body and Mind Synergy. And, if anyone signed up via the affiliate link, I was meant to receive further payment.


I cannot understand why when someone says they will pay you to do work that they feel it is right to then not pay once the work is done. Sadly, I think this is a common theme in the blogging world. Either that, or the offer of payment in exposure is offered. It takes time to write a review, and a lot of hard work to make sure the review is unbiased and fair. Even if the review itself is not positive. But when a promise of payment is made, it should be done!

Disclosure: This paid for opportunity was made possible through Tomoson. This post is in line with my blogging policyPayment was not made through no fault of Tomoson.

What I blogged March 13:

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