Brandy Butter For Christmas Mince Pies

Brandy Butter is traditionally served with Christmas pudding or mince pies. You can make this in advance ready to use on Christmas Eve.

Brandy Butter
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The 1st of December starts a countdown for us to a really busy time. It is also the date I feel you can legitimately start mentioning the word Christmas. Early this morning Dave, Eric and I flew to Johannesburg. Eric and Dave will be competing in the last of the endurance races for the year. And Dave is racing a Formula Ford to mark their 50th anniversary. No sooner are we back than the last two weeks of work face us. We have 10 days to do a month’s calls and deliveries. Our work year ends on the eve of our 15th wedding anniversary. This year John, Dorothy, Dave and I decided we would like to go away for the evening. And I can tell you now that I cannot wait. It will also mark the start of our annual leave.

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This year my parent’s are coming to stay with us. I am so looking forward to spending time with them. I have made plans to go out every second day for lunch. And on the other days we will have quite meals at home and I will bake. For the first time in years Christmas lunch will be spent at our table. I am making what I can in advance and as brandy butter keeps really well, it is the first thing I made. Together with mince pies this will be our afternoon tea on Christmas eve. When do you start counting down the days to Christmas?

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Brandy Butter

This is traditionally served with Christmas pudding or mince pies
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  • 100 g butter
  • 225 g coconut sugar
  • 45 mls Brandy


  • Place the butter into a mixing bowl and cream until pale
  • Place the coconut sugar into a blender and blend until it resembles icing sugar
  • Add the coconut sugar and Brandy to the butter and whisk until fluffy
  • Place into a sterilized glass jar and use as needed

Dave and I are away for motor racing. We will be back at work on the 4th of December. I will start replying to comments as soon as I have caught up on work.

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16 thoughts on “Brandy Butter For Christmas Mince Pies

  1. I have never heard of brandy butter but it looks delicious. December 1 kicks off the Christmas season for us too, prior too our focus is Thanksgiving. But the pressure in the U.S. to decorate is insane. We always fall short of our neighbors lights!!! Eeeeekkkk.

  2. WHOA! Brandy butter! I would skip putting it on pies and just shovel it in my mouth with a spoon :D. I’ve never heard of brandy butter before, what a cool concept!

  3. You must let me know next time you come to Joburg. I would love to meet you for coffee and I am still interested in your granddad’s book. Happy racing.

    1. Hi Robbie, I will send you an email. I really did not have time this weekend to see anyone other than my folks and racing people 🙂

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