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I have been asked to contribute my brunch ideas. This request has given me a lot of pause for thought. To me, a good brunch starts with breakfast and ends with tea! It is all the in between stuff I have to think about, as I have only ever eaten brunch out, and never tried to serve this meal at home. I think I would have to start with some granola and yoghurt, served with a platter of fresh fruit.


After that it would have to be a hot dish of poached eggs served with smoked salmon, English muffins and a Hollandaise sauce.

Champagne Hollandaise

I would serve all of this with freshly ground coffee and a few bottles of Champagne and to end this meal I think scones would be in order.


There would also have to be freshly baked bread for people to nibble on as well as a generous platter with a selection of my favourite cheeses and cured meats on it.

Olive And Sun Dried Tomato Sourdough Bread

What would you serve for brunch if you were the hostess? And for more inspiration, take a look here.

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