Busiate Pasta To Make At Home

I have been making the same pasta recipe for years, and it works for me. This does not mean that the recipe is perfect for everyone, and it is not even the same recipe Giorgio Locatelli uses. The busiate shape of the pasta though is all his (well, as far as I learnt the technique from him), and comes with a lovely story in his recipe book. To make my pasta I take 100g 00 flour per person, one egg per 100g and a pinch of salt. I mix this all together, knead for 5 minutes and then leave it wrapped in the fridge to settle for 30 minutes. As I have a pasta machine I use the first setting to complete the kneading process and will do this for as long as it takes for the pasta to feel right. I have been making pasta for so long now that I go by feel. But you want a silky smooth texture. The pasta machine makes life so easy as the rolling out process can be done in no time at all, and as mine is an attachment to my Kitchen Aid, I can do this without Dave helping. However, to make these busiate you are going to need patience, a comfortable chair at your kitchen work space and an hour! Yup, it took us that long to cut and roll and shape the busiate. The pasta needs to be cooked for 1 minute in boiling salted water (or 3 minutes if you have left them to dry) so that part is simple. Do give it a go! I have no clue how to make the Busiate Slide Show appear here in the post, but click on the link to see how we made this pasta.

Do you have a pasta recipe you use that is different to mine?

a pile of busiate

I am submitting this recipe to Presto Pasta Nights, which is being hosted this week by Riddhima of Culinary Vibes

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