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Challenge Carrot Cake

I have never baked a carrot cake in my life, mainly because of the effort I think goes into them. But, I really enjoy eating them. If this is on a menu when I am out for coffee with friends, it will be what I order. And as Dave loves carrot cake as well, we often share a slice. I have a recipe from Tracey’s mom as I asked for it after having enjoyed a slice (or two) at Luke’s Christening. I really want to try baking this. And of course I would like you to all take this Challenge Carrot Cake journey with me. There is noting better than a blogging community getting together to share. Post your own unique carrot cake recipe and photo on your blog once you have made yours. Or take a recipe from a friend or website to use. Drop in to let me know that you have participated. Submissions for this close at midnight on the 18th of July. Personally I like my carrot cakes to have a lot of spice in the cake batter and a sour cream cheese topping.

Carrot Cake

ps – Tracey is the mother of my god child

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