Greek Salt

This Greek salt is made up of three staple ingredients. All you need is coarse salt, freshly picked thyme leaves and a few lemons. Use the salt to enhance any Greek dish, or as a flavouring for your favourite Mediterranean meal. Head straight on to the Recipe For ♥ Greek Salt ♥ Greek food Because … Continue reading Greek Salt


Mimi introduced me to Schug which I have subsequently seen in our local market. Commonly called zhug, this is a spicy green condiment perfect for a mezze type meal. Head straight on to the Recipe For ♥ Zhug ♥ A pestle and mortar I have a large granite mortar that is perfect for making pesto, … Continue reading Zhug


Traditionally, Ajvar is made from sweet bell peppers and eggplants. This sweet relish stems from the former Yugoslavia and can now be found throughout Southeast Europe. The recipe can be adapted by adding chillies to make it more piquant. I have used Ben's recipe as inspiration. Head straight on to the Recipe For ♥ Ajvar ♥ … Continue reading Ajvar