Celeriac Mash

This is not a recipe per se as it is so simple to make. This is the way I make my celeriac mash. Most times I add potatoes, but if I don’t have any at home when I find celeriac I make it plain. The key ingredient to me is the butter.

The second 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland on 14 April 2010 caused extensive air travel disruption. In response to fears that ash ejected by the volcano would damage aircraft engines, the controlled airspace of many countries was closed to instrument flight rules traffic in what became the largest air traffic shut-down since World War II. This action caused millions of passengers to be stranded not only in Europe, but across the world. Thankfully, we were in the open window – with airspace opening two days before we left, and closing again in some areas, the day we arrived back from Italy.

This freak ash cloud had people moaning about not being able to get certain produce in their home countries. If we bought regional and seasonal produce, this would never be a problem. I am a believer in organic food, but first and foremost, I think we should support local farmers and industry.

I have wanted to try celeriac for a long time now, and the one deli I know that stocks it sells a bulb at R50! This seems outrageous, but the price in Italy was around €4 – so I did not buy any there. Coming back to South Africa I read that Woolworths now stock celeriac and yesterday during my shopping I bought one. Not only is this a regional and seasonal product, it is also farmed by a farm converting to organic.


By the time I got home last night Dave had already started on supper – he made an onion and tomato base and added mini pork sausages to the mix. I peeled the celeriac and placed it into a bowl of lemon water to prevent discolouration. I then cut the celeriac into small cubes and added to boiling salted water with two baby potatoes. Once cooked I drained the root vegetables and melted butter and mashed the celeriac and potatoes with salt and black pepper. The taste was wonderful, and I am going to be experimenting a lot with this new wonder. Well done Woolworths and at R10 a bulb what a pleasure.

Pork Sausages in Tomato and Onion Base with Celeriac and Potato Mash
Pork Sausages in Tomato and Onion Base with Celeriac and Potato Mash

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