Chilli Challenge Round Up

This week, the challenge was to use Chilli in your cooking. Read below for the chilli challenge round up.

I grow my own chillies and we always have an abundance of them. My one tiny little chilli bush provides us with more than what we need during the year. I will gift chillies and use them in as many imaginative ways that I can think of. My favourite way is to make a chilli oil. This is so easy to make and even easier to use. It also means less mess and fuss when I just want a hint of chilli in my dish. I am not a fan of anything being too hot for my palate and making a chilli chutney or relish means that Dave can add more to his meal if he chooses.

Chilli Challenge Round Up

Cindy has come up with a fantastic chicken stuffing. Did anyone else try the challenge?

Sweet Chilli Roasted Cashews

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