Chillies For The Something Savoury Challenge

I make a serious chilli chutney and have been asked by a friend for another batch. My chillies are abundant at the moment thanks to a lot of TLC from the gardener in the way of water, and a new organic food I am testing. This will be launched next month hopefully and I will have 5 to give away. The first person to post a new recipe for this challenge and link back to this blog will get one of them. The challenge is to make something where chillies feature as an ingredient. Please leave me a message to let me know you have done the challenge. Entries close at midnight on the 27th of January. Please note, give away only for Cape Town residents.

Chilli Bush


For the mushroom challenge, another day posted a risotto recipe using exotic mushrooms. In case you missed them, here is Cindy’s recipe and mine.


Trying to update posts from 10 plus years ago is a challenge in and of itself. If you care about SEO and have the time to go through each and every one of your posts you too will be writing extra words to meet the requirements set by Google.

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