Recipe For Chocolate Fennel Cake

I issued a challenge where you had to use a savoury ingredient in a sweet dish. I have had this recipe for a chocolate fennel cake from the Food and Home Entertaining August 2008 magazine waiting for testing and this was the perfect opportunity. I have decided that gluten free cakes cannot be sugar free as they end up slightly too dense but I am well pleased with the candied fennel. As an aside, I attempted to make the icing with Sugalite, a sugar substitute but it did not work. So, I have made a normal icing, which rendered the fact I had used Willies Cacao and fructose a slight waste of ingredients as the cake needs the icing and I cannot enjoy it.

"Chocolate Fennel Cake"

Chocolate Fennel Cake


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  6. This sounds interesting…I love fennel but have never used it in a cake! In bread and foccacia yes..always delicious, so my guess mixed with chocolate would be slightly different. I’ve used candied fennel also on a capaccio of thinly sliced salmon and rose pepper. Delicious! Love this twist to your chocolate cake though! x

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