Choosing A Blog Name For Your Blog

My blog is on a go slow and I am finding it difficult to post, so I am relying on already drafted posts at the moment. You will notice that I have changed my comments to be moderated as I notice I have been missing a few and this way they will be held in the pending folder so that I can reply to each and every one. Now, on to choosing a blog name. I have had a numerous queries asking me how to go about choosing a blog name and so I have put together this little bit of blogging 101 to answer the question.

Choosing A Blog Name

Google is an amazing tool, so make use of it! I made a very big mistake when I started blogging in that I never bothered to check if Lavender and Lime existed anywhere else. So, when you start thinking of blog names I would suggest you type it into Google (or your preferred search engine) and see if a blog already exists with that name. If not, check to see if there is a business with that name. I should have done both of those, but I didn’t, which means my blog URL is my name, as that is what was available. It is a good idea that your blog name be catchy, and that your URL is not too long and complicated. You don’t want to have to tell someone to type in “” when “cookandblog” will do. Find a catchy name, and then register your blog. This is not something you want to go back and change. I am now known as Lavender and Lime, and will be greeted as such at food events, but it seems silly then to tell people, “oh, my blog URL is”. It just does not make sense. Because I made this simple error, I have made sure to create an identity around it, so my twitter handle is the same.

I hope this helps in the first step to creating your own blog.

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