Choosing A Blogging Platform

Choosing A Blogging Platform

This is my advice on Choosing A Blogging Platform.

So, you want to start blogging and you don’t know which platform to choose! I have blogged on a few platforms and find that WordPress has worked best for me. This does not mean everyone will have the same experience, but if you have not yet started a blog I would recommend you start blogging on this platform at WordPress is the most user friendly platform in my opinion. The bottom line for me: When choosing a blogging platform go with WordPress.

WordPress allows a completely free package which you can see I am using here. It gives the URL as (yourname) – this is perfect to use from the beginning before you are sure you want to commit yourself to blogging. As it does not cost you any money, there are a few limitations but nothing so major that your blog won’t look good right from the get go. You can choose a theme that suits you, and upload your own header so you can get the feel of your blog straight away.

Once you know that you are serious about blogging, you can map your own domain – I have done this for my blog Lavender and Lime ( Once you have mapped your own domain, you can remain on the platform but I have migrated to a self hosted blog and am on

You would pay a nominal amount for the domain, and the .wordpress extension would no longer be applicable. This gives you more freedom in what you can do on my blog and as I consider the cost quite low for the domain mapping, I think it is worth doing.

If you are not 100% happy with the blogging platform you are currently on, and you consider the move worthwhile WordPress allows you to import your blog content – from some platforms this is much easier than from others, so do check it out. I would recommend that you first map your own domain, if you don’t already have your own URL. Once you have done that, let your followers know that your URL has changed. Then, move your blog. It would be a pity to lose your readers so make sure you blog about the move.

If you are happy where you are blogging, and would like to write a guest post about your blogging platform, please send me an email – I would love this blog to be as interactive as possible.

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More on this theme to follow, so do stay tuned in.

I am still having internet issues and it is taking me hours instead of minutes to do a blog post. I will be doing some editing but please bear with me if I do not blog as frequently until this issue is sorted out. 

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