Results Of The Come Dine With Me Challenge

Results Of The Come Dine With Me Challenge

Despite a really positive feedback about The Come Dine With Me Challenge, only two people entered. I am most grateful to my two loyal supporters and to thank you both for competing, you will each be getting a piece of cake jewellery!

PinkPolkaDot was the first to put up a post and here is her red evening starter. To read what she did for the main course, click here, and for dessert, here. She has won this beautiful Christmas Tree:

Christmas Tree

The next entrant was Cindy. Her first starter can be found here. Her next entry can be found here. This little angel will be sent to you:


I would like to thank Kerry of Stylish Celebrations for donating these beautiful items to me to give away. She also sells sky lanterns and wild hibiscus flowers in syrup so be sure to check out her website.

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