Curried Carrot Mash As A Side Dish

Yotam suggests serving this curried carrot mash alongside some grilled tofu, haloumi or chicken. I decided to get two recipes on one plate and topped it with beef barbacoa. This recipe was a little effort for great flavour reward.

Beef Barbacoa On A Bed Of Curried Carrot Mash
Beef Barbacoa On A Bed Of Curried Carrot Mash
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Do you have a five-year plan? The way things are going I don’t even have a 5 month plan. A friend and I were having a discussion the other day and she mentioned where she wants to be in five years’ time. I know that home wise I want to be still be where we are. Hopefully with a more finished house than it is right now. Work wise I am planning on still doing what I am doing now. It has been a constant in my life for so long, and I am decades away from retiring. I am sure that in the same period Dave might slow down a bit, and by that I mean not work over the weekends. Usually, the only long term plans we make are overseas trips. This is to give us time to plan, and get all our ducks in a row.

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But even that is not possible right now. We are still waiting to hear if we are going to the UK in June. And this was a trip we have known about for 2 years. I have in fact cancelled our accommodation booking for the weekend we were meant to be in Oxfordshire. And we have not even bothered to find a place to stay for the week before that. In December while my parents were with us we chose apartments in each of the cities we are visiting in Croatia. The one cancelled our booking and I presume they are no longer renting out the property. I had to book somewhere else straight away, even though I am not convinced we will get there. And for now it all seems like a lot of effort for very little reward.

Curried Carrot Mash
Curried Carrot Mash

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Curried Carrot Mash

The natural sweetness of the carrots is enhanced by the spices used
Recipe Category: Side Dish
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Ottolenghi Flavour page 67


  • 4 large carrots, peeled and chopped into 2cm pieces
  • 15 mls olive oil
  • 2.5 mls medium curry powder
  • 0.625 mls ground cinnamon
  • Salt to season


  • Place the carrots into a steamer and steam on a high temperature for 25 minutes
  • Place the curry and cinnamon into a dry frying pan and toast on a low temperature until you can smell the spices
  • Add the cooked carrots and toasted spices to a blender, together with the oil
  • Blitz until nearly smooth then season to taste
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime April 21:

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10 thoughts on “Curried Carrot Mash As A Side Dish

  1. Tandy it seems I can only comment on my phone by using Google. This looks like a tasty and simple side dish. Carrots are so versatile.

    1. This is so strange – there is some communication error between our blogs – I have a blogger account and have no problems with other blogs. Hope it can get resolved somehow.

  2. I used to mix potatoes and carrots (and other veggies) but haven’t before just mashed carrots by themselves. I know they must be so curried, especially enhanced with curry powder! Love it!

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