Eating In Rome | A Personal Experience

Do not expect to do this cheaply if you want to sit down and enjoy your meal. When eating in Rome and many other places in Italy, a ‘bread’ charge is levied – the bread you get given after you have placed an order will cost you at least €2. And in some places this is charged per head. Unless you plan on eating a second lot of bread, do not order it!

Eating In Rome

When eating in Rome, Dave and I shared two starters. We had a cured meat platter and a dish of buffalo mozzarella slices served with hot tomato pasta sauce. The latter was not too bad, and something I would try at home. For the main course Dave had taglioni with tomato pasta sauce and I had ravioli with ricotta and spinach served with a creamed rocket sauce. We shared a bottle of Syrah and the bill came to €50. This is the second most expensive meal we had in Italy. The food was fantastic, the restaurant worth going back to and the staff very efficient.


Since writing this blog post we have been back to Rome and enjoyed a great meal in Trastevere. I can recommend eating off the beaten track. Look for places that do not offer a tourist menu!

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